Our smart system reduces your shipment costs.

Bescata digs for shipping costs
We delve into the data

We scan your shipping service costs line items, making sure your packages were delivered on time.

Bescata finds late shipments and refunds that are due
We sift the data for discrepancies

We fight for the refunds on your behalf, and help you collect.

Bescata gets you a shipment refund and keeps a small percentage
We uncover refunds!

After you get paid, only thing we get is a small portion of the refund. No extra out-of-pocket costs here.

We'd love to get you into our beta testing!

We are in private beta, and are taking our time in getting a few things right. Therefore, we are only accepting a limited number of customers. We have an innovative system and want to support our clients.

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Who is Bescata?

We are small team of entrepreneurs in Houston, TX. We've launched many start-ups, so we know how hard it is to make sure every single dollar is being used to it's full potential. We hated paying exorbitant amounts for shipping only for those packages to arrive late. With deep knowledge of parcel services, we created some cool automation to get refunds that usually go unnoticed. Now we are making our system available to other small and medium-sized businesses.

Why that name?

Bescata is latin for a concept we hold dearly: it represents how much digging could be done in a day by a worker. That represents what we do: our system digs every day to make sure your shipping budget is being used to its full potential.